What are the YRNCS membership rules?

–  Membership to YRNCS is free.
–  All YRNCS members have full access to all the activities promoted and organized by the YRNCS.
–  Mandatory requirements for joining YRNCS as a Full Member are: being an active CSS Member and being a master student or a PhD students or an early (up to four years) post doc working on complex systems.
– Full Members of YRNCS retain their membership until they automatically become YRNCS Alumni after four years of post doc.
– Honorary Members can be appointed to people not fulfilling the requirements at comma 4) who request being part of YRNCS subject to the approval of the YRNCS Committee.
– YRNCS Alumni and Honorary Members can not be elected for the Committee of YRNCS but can be part of a Working Commission, provided that they are not the coordinators of such a commission.
– YRNCS Alumni and Honorary Members can still have access to the online activities of YRNCS.

What is the YRNCS Advisory Board?

YRNCS Advisory Board is the administrative organ of YRNCS.
It is composed by five members among which a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
The Advisory Board is also a Committee of CSS.

What are its main duties?

The Advisory Board determines the direction and targets of YRNCS as an association.
It takes decisions regarding the representation of YRNCS and the different YRNCS activities.
It takes care of the YRNCS budget.
It creates and coordinates Working Commisions for the organization of YRNCS activities, as the Online Community, Satellite sessions at the Conference on Complex Systems, Workshops, etc.
It sets and changes the Statutes and By-laws of YRNCS.

How often does it reunite?

The Advisory Board reunites for a (skype) meeting once a month.

How often is it renewed?

It is renewed by elections each two years, with possibility of partial renewal each year.
The Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer are appointed with an internal election after the renewal.

Who can join the YRNCS Advisory Board?

CSS members that are Master/Phd students or researchers up to 4th year after their PhD.

Does someone need to have attended the ECCS before in order to apply?

Having attended the ECCS before is prefered but not required. Once someone becomes a member of the Advisory Board, though, it is advisable to participate in the following conference (CCS’15 in this case) so that he/she understands in practice how things work regarding this conference and YRNCS activities and be able to guide new members in the future.

What are the Working Commissions?

The Working Commissions are teams appointed to practically carry out the organization of specific YRNCS activities, as the YRNCS Satellite and the YRNCS Workshop.

Last year’s’ Working Commissions are listed at www.yrncs.com/about.