YRNCS Satellite @ ECCS’14 – Application Form

Application form

  • The YRNCS Satellite consists of three parts.
    1st part: Sunday the 21st-
    Presentations Session,
    2nd part: Wednesday the 24th-
    Panel Session,
    3rd part: Thursday the 25th-
    Job Fair Session

    You are invited to attend our event all the three days but you are free to select what is more convenient for you.
    We would also be very interested in learning about your area of interest! So it would be great if you decided to present a part of your work to us!

    Here we ask from you to tell us if you are going to participate in the Presentations Session and/or in the Panel Discussion Session.

  • Personal Information

  • Attendance

    Format of presentation

  • The Presentations will take space on Sunday the 21st. Your can present your work in two ways: you can give a speed talk or you can give a live computer demonstration.

    Keep in mind that you can apply for both the options but you will be selected just for one.

  • In case you want to present, you need to give us the following information: