Job Opening 6

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Unconventional Electrophysiology

Employer: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Key Words: spiral reentry; excitable media; synchronization

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Period: 2 years

Start Date: Spring 2016

The Laboratory of Unconventional Electrophysiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is seeking a core team member to develop an innovative technology to disrupt the current standard of practice in cardiac electrophysiology in an interdisciplinary and translational research environment. The focus of the program is to conduct theoretical and practical development of a therapeutic technology in the heart as a network of dynamical systems. Successful candidates are expected to work independently and collaboratively with physicians and physician-scientists. The tools of our research include computational modeling, pre-clinical large animal experiments and clinical studies in human patients. A background in computational modeling of excitable systems such as the heart and the brain is ideal but not mandatory. Candidates should email their Curriculum Vitae with the contact details of 3 references, as well as transcripts of undergraduate and graduate academic courses to: Hiroshi Ashikaga, MD, PhD (


  • A PhD in Physics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Computational Neuroscience, or related disciplines
  • Strong computational and quantitative skills
  • Full of unconventional (= crazy) ideas
  • Lateral thinking – ability to find essentially the same processes in extremely different phenomena
  • Interdisciplinary research skills – ability to apply tools from different disciplines
  • Women and members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply
  • Application Deadline: When the position is filled

    Contact: Hiroshi Ashikaga (Assistant Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering),