Job Opening 12

Research Associate position (PhD candidate) @ University of Zurich

Employer: University of Zurich

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Period: 3 -4 years

Start Date: 01.01.2016 or by arrangement

The URPP Social Networks ( examines the relationship between social structures and economic behaviour by focusing on complex networked systems. The program is of interdisciplinary nature and it centres on the investigation of social networks from a perspective that combines elements from network science, physics, economics, information technology and mathematics to deal with modern marketing and management issues. It is one of the eight research excellence programs that the University of Zurich launched in 2013 in order to strengthen its leading position in international scientific research.

Develop, manage and publish research projects with focus on analysis and modelling of socio- economic interactions with an inspiration (and eventually application) to marketing and management. Candidates should therefore be able to complete high quality and innovative research. There will be particular emphasis on opinion formation and diffusion processes taking place in presence of rapidly changing patterns of interactions, usually termed temporal networks. The appointed candidate must collaborate in teaching activities on network-related topics.


The candidate should have an excellent degree (MA/diploma) in physics, computer science or economics with studies on one or many of the following: complex systems, network formation, modelling of socio-economic systems, game theory, social economics, econometric analysis. Other requirements are:

(i) Good command of programming languages such as R, Python for data analysis and C++ or equivalent for computer simulations or willingness to learn.
(ii) Very good command of English (oral and written) and excellent communication skills.

Curiosity and discipline, self-reliance, integrity, and creativity are necessary attributes.

Application Deadline: 20.10.2015

Contact: Claudio Tessone (Prof. Dr),

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