Current grants

YRNCS Bridge Grants

YRNCS mobility grants aim to foster interdisciplinary collaborations within the broader Complex Systems community.
The aim of these grants is to fund young researchers who have already started collaborating with other young researchers in different institutions on topics that do not belong to their main research lines. This is meant to encourage cross-disciplinary and creative research on both sides.

The visiting and the hosting candidates will have already started collaborating on a project before applying for the mobility grant.
The application in fact will consist of a short video with a presentation of the preliminary results obtained by the two candidates and illustrating the need for the visit. There is no a priori restriction on the length of the visit, but YRNCS will limit itself to a one-shot funding.

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Previous Grants

YRNCS CCS’15 Grants

YRNCS is offering five grants of 200 euros each in order to help young researchers attending CCS’15!

The conditions to be eligible to such grants are:
i) Being an undergraduate/master/Phd student
ii) Not having received previous financial support from CCS’15

The awarded students will be strongly advised to attend one or more of the YRNCS activities organised throughout the CCS’15 conference week (