YRNCS is organizing three events at CCS’17 this year:

CCS WARMUPfor the fourth year the WarmUP is back! After Barcelona, Lucca and Amsterdam: with 3 great lecturers and lots of participants Flash Talks, we are gearing for a great pre-conference weekend!

JOB FAIR: Looking for job? Come join the YRNCS Job Fair on Monday 18/9 at 7pm at the Cancun International Convention Center !
Got a job opening? Drop us an email with the ad at jobs@yrncs.cssociety.com and we’ll put it in the new Jobs Booklet release 🙂

PANEL DISCUSSION SESSION: Have burning questions about your career/the way scientific community work/how to balance science and life? #YRNCSpanel on Tuesday 19/9 at 7pm is there to help you get some of these answers!

Questions from previous years include:

  • How is it like to be a young researcher working on Complex Systems?
  • What are the possibilities opening ahead?
  • How would a young researcher make the choice on which field of Complex Systems to work on?
  • What are the decisions he/she has to take?
  • Is there a safe – easy route?
  • How can he/she become a successful researcher?
  • What is the advice senior researchers and professors would give to young researchers?
  • What are the main topics scientists on complex systems work on?
  • How are different scientific fields united to serve the science of complex systems?
  • How to deal with gender issue in science?
  • How do you balance career and life?
  • Who is a complex system scientist?
  • Pros and cons of private sector vs academic positions?
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